Frequently Asked Questions



when are you open?

Available by appointment only. Closed Sundays.

what areas do you service?

Ontario, Canada.

Also available for freelance assignments and private commissions - Canada and World-wide.

Current location: Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Please note: contracts extending beyond approximately 50km of Owen Sound will be charged a premium.

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who would own the material that i purchase?

All digital material (i.e. video and photo) that is produced is copy-written and owned by JamesJon. However, if JamesJon is contracted for your shoot, you will also own unlimited rights to the use of the material purchased, for an unlimited time. No complicated licensing worries. *

How long does it take to shoot a real estate property?

This depends on the size of the building and its location. An average city home (three beds, two bath) takes about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. A large rural property would take longer, especially if other buildings are on-site. 

For architectural, industrial or landscape photo shoots, we are available on a hourly basis or will provide a free quote.

how soon are the photos and video available after the shoot?

Our turn-around time is usually within 48 hours.

a private webpage for my business?

Yes, a unique URL can be given to you. This URL would link to a separate webpage (hosted by and would be customized to suit the digital information that has been obtained for you, i.e. stills, video, drone footage, or a combination. This page could also contain your picture, logo, links to any websites associated with your business and a contact form to contact you, directly.

Your webpage will remain active until you advise us otherwise. Please contact us when it is no longer needed e.g. sale of a property.

is there any other information you require for this webpage?

We also require any other text information you would like to appear on your page. This information must be spell-checked and sent to us via email so that we can copy/paste under the appropriate headings. For real estate property listings, please include property descriptions and other details that you would like mentioned.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full commercial photography coverage.

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* Conditions may apply. For Real Estate sales where privacy is of frequent concern, JamesJon grants a license to use purchased material exclusively for marketing purposes directly related to a specific property. Home/property owners may also receive a copy of this material for their use. Since material is copy-written by JamesJon, permission must be obtained for the purposes of re-licensing, selling or donating said material.


All measurements, descriptions, data and comments have been given to JamesJon by either business/property owners, those who represent these owners, or their agents. This information, in addition to maps, floor plans, images and video footage is believed to be accurate. However, JamesJon does not guarantee accuracy of said information and is not liable for errors which may occur. Please verify with business/property owners, those who represent these owners, or their agents prior to the purchase of marketed goods, products, services or property. Not intended to solicit persons or properties currently under contractual agreement.